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View Statistical Process Control (SPC) data in real-time

Many manufacturing companies collect data on their shop floor or in a quality control lab. But are your operators and inspectors able to use this data in real-time to improve product quality and reduce variation? With Net-Inspect's real-time statistical process control software (SPC Software), gathered data can drive immediate feedback to the operators or inspectors. Our intuitive measurement entry interface alerts operators of previous issues and provides real-time control charts to help them identify process drift and dramatically reduce scrap and rework volumes.

Net-Inspect Statistical Process Control SPC software reporting

Efficiently create electronic inspection plans to capture results in-process and at final inspection​

SPC software should not be time-consuming to set up. Our solution allows users to efficiently create electronic inspection plans with both product characteristics and process characteristics. Users can leverage data captured directly from a drawing or model by importing features from a First Article Inspection Report, an Excel file, or a CMM results file. Users can also quickly add features to the inspection plan from a standard library of control features. Each feature can be assigned to an operation, and can also be associated with additional requirements such as reduced sampling plans, tools, or gages required for inspection, and common processes for data analysis.

Net-Inspect Recording measurements in SPC tool

Improve the accuracy and value of the data collected

When collecting measurement data, it is important to minimize variation in measurement technique so the data will more accurately represent variation in your SPC manufacturing processes. When an inspection plan is configured, Net-Inspect allows users to provide inspectors with visual instructions that show how to properly inspect a feature. This visual will display for the operator each time they are required to capture a measurement result for that particular feature. This can help dramatically improve the consistency of your inspectors' measurement techniques, and in turn the value of your data, when data collection spans multiple shifts.

Input measurement data from multiple sources

With Net-Inspect's Measurement Collection Service, data collection is easy and accurate. Standard output files from PC-DMIS, Zeiss Calypso, Nikon Camio, Mitutoyo MCOSMOS, FARO CAM2, and many other CMM software solutions can be imported directly to Net-Inspect for real-time SPC analysis.

Zeiss Calypso

Zeiss Calypso

Hexagon PC-DMIS

Hexagon PC-DMIS

Faro Arm


Measurement results from hand tools such as micrometers and calipers can be keyed into Net-Inspect's user-friendly SPC software interface. Hand tools that support wired or wireless connectivity can also electronically transmit measurement results to Net-Inspect's measurement entry interface with the press of a button on the device.



Wireless Calipers

Wireless Calipers



Net-Inspect Supply Chain Quality Systems Control Chart Analysis from manufacturing SPC solution

Advanced analytics for any industry

Manufacturers within the Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, and Medical Device industries are faced with unique challenges. These include maintaining thousands of active part numbers, short production runs, frequent product changes, and production being split across multiple internal facilities and multiple supply chain tiers. Net-Inspect's software was developed with these challenges in mind. Our team of experienced quality experts have developed proprietary software analytics tools that proactively present accurate, actionable data that any user within an organization can interpret and understand.

Net-Inspect provides multiple reports and dashboards that provide both the internal and supplier part numbers having the greatest risk of defect. With these tools, there is no need to sort and filter through millions of measurement results to identify the parts or features that require attention. Our powerful cloud-based solution does the statistical analysis for you, suggests the specific part numbers you need to review, and displays all of the associated data with the click of a button. For each stored measurement result, you can see the inspector who collected the data, the machine the part was run on, the sampling plan that was applied to the feature, and the gage or inspection device that was used to take the measurement.

Net-Inspect Supply Chain Quality Process Performance Capability Chart Statistical Analysis from SPC program solution

Compare capability in real-time SPC Software

Manufacturing companies are frequently faced with questions and corresponding decisions to make.

Examples include:

  • Should we produce this part internally or outsource it to a supplier?
  • Should we transfer work from one supplier to another?
  • Should we purchase a new machine tool?

Utilizing the millions of measurements in Net-Inspect's web based SPC software solution, our experts developed analytics tools based on Six Sigma quality standards to help companies quickly analyze process capability data to help with these key decisions and manufacturing process quality improvement. With our patented capability charts, companies can receive a numerical capability score for a selection of data, calculated in real-time data based on the filters applied. The closer the measurements are to the target nominal, and the smaller the overall variance in the process data, the better the score. The precision of this capability score allows customers to efficiently rank parts, features, operators, machines, processes, and suppliers, and to make uniquely informed decisions.

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