Supply Chain Visibility Software

Are you efficiently managing your suppliers? What about your suppliers’ suppliers?

Several major companies leverage Net-Inspect as their Supply Chain Management (SCM) platform, flowing requirements down the supply chain and retrieving data back up the supply chain. Net-Inspect’s proprietary process leverages the AS9100 requirements related to product and process validation to identify all suppliers within your supply chain, including sub-tiers.

With complete, multi-tier supply chain visibility you can:

  • Geographically map all suppliers
  • Identify where all components are produced

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Net-Inspect First Article Inspection Module

Geographically locate all sub-tier suppliers

Show both direct and sub-tier suppliers by zip code, city, country, or any custom region. Create links to supplier parts through Form 1 of your assembly FAIRs to gain visibility of all of their components.

Net-Inspect Quality Management Supply Chain Subtier Portal

Supply Chain Mapping Tool - Identify where components are produced and the assemblies in which they are included

Utilize the first article inspection process to build a map of your suppliers and keep it up-to-date. Enter a part number into our Supplier Map to pinpoint all of the companies responsible for its supply chain.

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Protecting your brand

With the increased pressure to reduce costs, more components than ever are being outsourced to sub-tiers for manufacturing. This whitepaper explains how to protect your brand by maintaining real-time supply chain visibility of quality issues.

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