Supply Chain Visibility Software

Are you efficiently managing your suppliers? What about your suppliers’ suppliers?

Many large companies leverage Net-Inspect as their cloud-based single-source Supply Chain Management (SCM) platform, flowing requirements down the supply chain and retrieving data back up the supply chain. Net-Inspect's proprietary process leverages the AS9100 requirements related to product and process validation to identify all suppliers within your supply chain, including sub-tiers.

Multi-tier supply chain visibility solution benefits

With complete, multi-tier supply chain visibility solution you can:

  • Geographically map all suppliers
  • Identify where all components are produced
  • Search and locate any part number in real time
  • Gain advance warning of quality issues or production delays
  • Systematically quarantine issues in place
  • Securely send and receive quality-related information and data

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Net-Inspect Supply Chain Visibility Tool

Geographically locate all sub-tier suppliers

Net-Inspect enables companies to geographically map all suppliers, including sub-tier suppliers. You can select any supplier to see an image of their location and identify the number of parts they produce as a Tier 1; in many cases, you will find they serve as a sub-tier supplier as well.

Companies frequently know who their Tier 1 suppliers are, but they may not be aware of the components those suppliers produce and ship to other suppliers within their supply chain. Net-Inspect helps identify the criticality of each supplier and share other KPIs related to the supplier, such as their first pass yield and capability score.

Net-Inspect multi tier supply chain mapping

Search and locate any part number in real time

Net-Inspect's supply chain mapping software enables companies to gain end-to-end supply chain visibility. Companies can enter any part number and identify the assemblies in which the part number is included, the suppliers involved in the production of the part number and its assemblies, and the path the component travels to reach your facility.

Net-Inspect's proprietary first article inspection process helps ensure the supply chain mapping remains up-to-date and provides real-time data access for further analysis.

Net-Inspect Global Supply Chain Visibility Software

Gain advance warning of quality issues or production delays

In today's business environment, it is critical that your products be delivered on time to your customers. When you are building a large assembly such as an aircraft or engine, the delay of just one component deep in the supply chain can delay the delivery of the entire assembly.

With Net-Inspect your team can conduct advance supply chain planning and ensure requirements for detailed components are communicated early in the production planning process. Real-time notifications are sent to suppliers as due dates approach, and additional notifications can be triggered if due dates are missed to gain advance warning of any production delays.

Net-Inspect's supply chain visibility software can also monitor the quality of the components in real-time. If any quality issues occur, real-time notifications can prompt the customer to investigate and mitigate the issue well before it causes any production delays.

Systematically quarantine issues in place

When you are procuring thousands of components from hundreds of suppliers, even the most advanced analytics and artificial intelligence can sometimes fail to predict the quality issues that might arise at a given point in time.

Net-Inspect is used by many major companies to monitor supplier-collected quality data in real-time. If unexpected variation begins to occur on any critical features, management review forms and gauge suitability analysis can immediately be initiated. Until you have an opportunity to review the data and analysis provided by the supplier, the parts can be quarantined in place to prevent the quality issue from contaminating your inventory.

Securely send and receive quality-related information and data

Net-Inspect provides a highly secure, FedRAMP-compliant platform that can be used to connect with any supplier, at any tier in your supply chains.

Using Net-Inspect's supply chain visibility software, you can access your supplier's quality control plans, first article inspection reports, production results, and shipment documentation in real-time.

Additionally, with advances in Model-Based Definition (MBD), companies can efficiently extract requirements directly from the model and use Net-Inspect to generate both the first article inspection report and control plan for the supplier to further populate. This provides significant savings to both the customer and the supplier and helps ensure all design characteristics are accurately documented for the first article and control plan.

White Paper: Protecting your Brand

With the increased pressure to reduce costs, more components than ever are being outsourced to sub-tiers for manufacturing. This whitepaper explains how to protect your brand by maintaining real-time supply chain visibility of quality issues.

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