Net-Inspect Solutions

First Article Inspection Module

  • Create FAIs directly from 2D and 3D source material
  • View, send, receive, and approve FAIs
  • Communicate directly with the customers and suppliers within application
  • Record FAI measurements to complete AS9102 / EN9102 / SJAC9102 forms with first article inspection software
  • Implement checklist for FAI requirements internally & among sub-tier suppliers
  • Track FAIs using real-time status metrics
Net-Inspect Quality Management First Article Inspection Module

Quality Management Module

  • Generate inspection plans for key features directly from FAI (Form 3)
  • Enter and record production measurements in statistical process control software
  • Specify required measurement tool for each feature
  • Utilize industry-approved sampling plans on a feature-by-feature basis
  • Automatically trigger Rejection Tags from out-of-tolerance measurements
  • Receive real-time e-mail alerts for out-of-tolerance and out-of-control conditions
Net-Inspect Quality Management Module

Non-Conformance (eTag) Module

  • Track customer, supplier, and internal defects with non-conformance management software
  • Receive real-time e-mail alerts for Rejection Tags resulting from out-of-tolerance measurements
  • Create customized matrix of standard root causes, corrective actions, and preventative measures
  • Sort Rejection Tags by month, defect, operator, machine, part, work center, scrap cost, and rework cost
Net-Inspect Quality Management Non-Conformance (eTag) Module

Source Inspection Module

  • Prepare detailed checklists for remote delegated source inspection
  • Create pre-shipment inspection checklist
  • Automatically generate approval-to-ship barcodes
  • Block future shipments electronically when a line defect is discovered
Net-Inspect Quality Management Source Inspection Module

Supply Chain Management Module

  • Identify suppliers and sub-tiers by zip code, county, country, and more
  • Map point-by-point custom regions to identify suppliers
  • Filter sub-tier suppliers by part number, program, and more
  • Track the effects of natural disasters and unrest on your supply chain
Net-Inspect Supply Chain Management Module


  • Track element due dates with apqp software
  • Utilize electronic forms
  • Collaborate to fulfill requirements
Net-Inspect APQP/PPAP Module

Tool Calibration Module

Net-Inspect Tool Calibration Module

Machine Management Module

  • Configure and record preventative maintenance checks
  • Capture machine downtime
  • View cost reports and time loss analytics
Net-Inspect Machine Management Module

Quality Audit Management Module

  • Plan, schedule, and manage internal, customer, and supplier audits
  • Systematically track audit findings through to closure
  • Generate CARs for completion and approval
Net-Inspect Quality Audit Management Module

CAPA/CAR Management Module

  • Generate CAPA/CAR records, with optional 8D format
  • Interact in real-time with suppliers and customers
  • Track CAPA/CAR through to closure
Net-Inspect Corrective Action Request Module

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