Non-Conformance Management Software

Net-Inspect nonconformance management system

Track internal, customer, and supplier non-conformance events

Net-Inspect's non-conformance software solution helps companies identify non-conforming material, capture root cause information, upload additional documentation, and initiate the actions necessary to fully disposition the material. Net-Inspect's solution can be used to track non-conformance events generated and discovered internally, events generated by suppliers, or events that were discovered by your customers. By using a common non-conformance management solution for all of these scenarios, you can dynamically work any non-conformance event through to disposition.

Net-Inspect nonconformance software solution

Utilize workflow capabilities with real-time email notifications

Net-Inspect enables companies to configure an unlimited number of workflows. Workflows can be attached to non-conformance issues automatically based on a company's preferences, and can be dynamically added or removed as needed based on the individual event. As workflow steps are completed, users associated with the next workflow step are notified via email.

Users can also easily log in and identify the non-conformance events waiting on their review or action. Workflows and real-time notifications enable companies to consistently and efficiently work the non-conformance through to disposition. The completion of workflow steps, along with any comments, are documented and retained as part of the non-conformance record for traceability and compliance.

Net-Inspect nonconformance report

Enable a closed-loop corrective action preventative action (CAPA) solution

With Net-Inspect, users can systematically ensure root causes do not reoccur after a corrective and preventive action has been implemented. This process is enabled by a robust tracking and notification solution that can prompt users to follow up, even months after a non-conformance has been closed.

Additionally, once a process change has been implemented, Net-Inspect can help users identify whether the quality process has had a positive impact. If there is no impact on the quality of the materials involved in the process change, then this can sometimes indicate that either the root cause was misidentified or the corrective action implemented was ineffective. On a closed non-conformance tag, users can continue to capture key insights for reuse and reference in the future.

Net-Inspect non conformance tracking software and non conformance report

Utilize Pareto charts for detailed analytics and non-conformance reporting

Net-Inspect's software will capture several details related to each non-conformance. This includes information related to suppliers, customers, and other parties connected to the non-conformance; costs associated with the non-conformance; and details such as defect type, the location where the issue was found, and the responsible inspector.

Using the quality management system, users can chart and analyze data based on the number of non-conformance events, number of associated rejections, cost to disposition, and time to disposition. Frequently, these non-conformance reports help companies perform root cause analysis and uncover not just what root causes might be occurring the most often, but what root causes are costing the company the greatest amount in a given time period.

It is also a perfect platform for determining whether a corrective action has been effective. If the root cause does not disappear from the Pareto chart or at least move to the right it, may mean that the true root cause was not identified or that the corrective action was not effective.

Net-Inspect nonconformance management software solution

Eliminate the reentry of data into other systems

Net-Inspect's non-conformance solution is deeply integrated with Net-Inspect's measurement collection/SPC solution in order to provide a complete quality management system, meeting all the requirements of standards such as AS9100 and ISO 9001.

If an out-of-tolerance measurement result is captured in-process, at final inspection, or at receiving inspection, the quality management system can automatically generate an non-conformance eTag with all of the related details, including job number, purchase order number, inspector, and discrepancy description. This helps eliminate the need to re-enter the data in other systems. Net-Inspect also partners with companies to interface data between systems.

Maintain compliance with industry standards and export controls

Net-Inspect follows best practices and includes a robust user access and control solution designed to help both small and large companies efficiently control user permissions within the system and maintain export control compliance. Access to non-conformance event details can be controlled by a user's alignment to divisions, programs, user types, and specific actions.

Additionally, updates to nonconformance eTags can be restricted based on the active step within a workflow. This helps ensure that non-conformance details are updated only by the appropriate individuals at the appropriate time, and provides companies with a detailed audit trail of changes that were made and the people who were involved in making the changes.

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