AS9102 First Article Inspection Report Rev B vs Rev C

June 30, 2023

On June 23, 2023 a new revision, Revision C, of AS9102 was released. With more than 8,000 companies using our platform to create AS9102 first article inspections, we have received several questions asking: What exactly will change with Revision C?

The AS9102 Standard was revised to revise and emphasize the FAI planning, evaluation, and re-accomplishment activities. There were also some additional changes made to better align the requirements to the broader AS9100 standard. Within this article we will focus on the changes directly made to Form 1, 2, and 3 as opposed to all edits to the standard. We recommend purchasing a copy of the Standard here for a detailed look at the changes.

Net-Inspect will provide an option for converting any in-work Revision B FAIR to Revision C:

How to convert AS9102 Rev B to Rev C

Below is a side-by-side look at Revision B vs. Revision C. We have highlighted the most critical changes between the two forms. Though several changes are minor in nature, they are worth mentioning so companies can adequately prepare.

AS9102 Rev B vs AS9102 Rev C - Form 1

The most notable changes to Form 1 include:

  • Field 14 - "Reason for Partial"" is now "Reason for Full / Partial FAI" and mandatory for all FAIs.
  • Field 17 - Has been updated from "Part Serial Number" to "Part Type"". The standard instructs individuals to enter whether the part is a detail part, sub-assembly, software, standard catalogue item, or COTS (or equivalent). One important change worth mentioning that is not explicitly called out on the Form is the clarification made within the standard. Revision C now explicitly states: "All BOM parts (e.g., detail parts, sub-assemblies, COTS) that are part of the assembly, identified in field 1, shall be listed in this [Fields 15-18] section." Many customers required COTS parts to be identified within the Bill of Materials, but now the Standard explicitly identifies the requirement.
  • Field 18 - The Form's field name only had a minor change in appearance: "FAIR Number" to "FAIR Identifier". However, the AS9102 Standard does mention, "If no FAIR identifier is available, input the organization's identifier for the FAI or approved configuration" We expect customers to request Certificate of Conformance numbers or similar in this field, as opposed to "N/A".
  • Field 19 - The former "FAI Complete / FAI Not Complete"" flag has been relabeled for clarity to explicitly request "Does FAIR Contain a Documented Nonconformance(s)?"
  • Field 19 & 21 - The former Field 19 "Signature" and Field 21 "Reviewed By" have been updated to Field 20 "FAIR Reviewed By" and 22. "FAIR Approved/Reviewed By". Both fields are intended to be completed by the organization that creates the FAIR, but the AS9102 Standard now states that the individual identified in Field 22 should not be the same individual identified in Field 20.

AS9102 Rev B vs AS9102 Rev C Form 1

AS9102B vs AS9102C - Form 2

On Form 2, the only significant Form-related change is the removal of the signature field (Formerly Field 14). However, it is worth mentioning that there was robust language added to AS9102 Section 1.3 related to Special Processors. The AS9102 Standard now explicitly applies to suppliers performing special process(es) and can be satisfied by the Special Processor creating a FAIR or by documenting the characteristics and results on a detailed CofC.

AS9102 Rev C Note

  • Field 14 - Revision B required a signature on Form 2 and a signature on Form 3. Within Net-Inspect AS9102 solution, as a user provided their signature in Form 1, Field 19, their signature was applied on Form 1, 2, and 3, locking all forms. With Revision C, a signature on Form 1 alone will lock all forms, and there will be no need to capture or display a signature on Form 2 or a signature on Form 3.

Comparison between AS9102b vs AS9102c Form 2

AS9102 Rev B to AS9102 Rev C - Form 3

On Form 3, the only significant change is the removal of the signature field (Formerly Field 14). This resulted in a renumbering of Column 14 to Column 12.

  • Field 14 - Formerly "Additional Data / Comments" has been renumbered to "Field 12".

Difference between FAIR rev b and FAIR rev Form 3

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