How Cloud-Based Applications Prosper during Epidemics and Other Natural Disasters

March 27, 2020

Twenty-one years ago, Net-Inspect was launched as one of the first producers of cloud-based software in the world. Little did we realize at the time how valuable a fully decentralized platform would be during crises like the current pandemic.

Covid-19 virus impacting software industry

Recent events perfectly illustrate the advantage of having of a cloud-based system when access to the workplace is cut off. This not only applies to our customers, but also to our own company. We had the misfortune of locating our office in Kirkland, Washington, one of the major epicenters of the COVID-19 crisis. We decided to have everyone work from home early on, and luckily, we have not missed a single beat. And because the Net-Inspect system runs on the Microsoft Azure Government platform and is available for our users to securely access 24/7, our customers' employees are also able to work from home, and we can continue to provide our regular level of support remotely. Interestingly, we have not seen any reduction in traffic to our site during the past month, which indicates that our users are still fully functional all over the world.

Computerized cloud

Twenty years ago, this would have not been possible. If these companies had restricted their employees to working on site, then almost all activity would have ceased. With millions of first article inspection reports and other documents instantly available online, quality work can continue outside of the office. If production of new parts is slowed, then that leaves time for these companies to catch up on housekeeping so that they are fully prepared when normal activity resumes.

Our development staff has continued to make new features and applications available to our users across the globe. In past years, software development would have come to a complete halt until everyone had reassembled in the office. This is the value of modern technology, and it will go a long way toward mitigating the disruptions caused by the pandemic.

Disaster recovery plan for cloud based software

Not only does cloud technology reduce the impact of disruptions like COVID-19, but it also provides additional security against natural disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes by ensuring that records are stored in multiple locations with mirrored backups.

Our hope is that things will return to normal soon, but we are pleased in the meantime to offer a service to customers in 52 countries without any interruption or increase in response time.

During this crisis, the Net-Inspect Team is ready and available to support any application questions or sales inquiries. Contact us at +1 425-233-6176 or [email protected] to reach one of our team members. To learn more about Net-Inspect and the software solutions available, click the Contact Us button below to request a live demo or phone consultation today.