Hot Rod and Plane
In the 1960s, a group of auto enthusiasts got together to find innovative ways to improve their hot rods. They did not have a lot of money so they had to work with stock products that came from the big three auto manufacturers. At that time, mass production at companies like General Motors and Ford were very erratic. Close enough was good enough. Sometimes you got a good engine and a good car. More often, you had a real lemon that had to be rebuilt after a few thousand miles.

Precision Bore Gauge
Parts are frequently rejected because receiving inspection used a different technique and/or instruments and came up with different results than the final inspection of the supplier. If the method of measuring and the exact bubbled location on the drawing are not identified together with the measurement retained, this process becomes just an elaborate go or no-go inspection that cannot be duplicated by the receiving inspection of the customer.

acme nut and jackscrew
Accurate and consistent measurement techniques may sound like an obvious requirement but these all too frequently compete with the need to ship and in many cases, take second place to a quick "go or no-go" inspection. The value in collecting accurate and consistent measurements and analyzing them in real time is an invaluable tool for not only process improvement, but also maintaining the improved process.